A magician, a medal of honor recipient, and a prime minister all walk into the U.S. Capitol. No, that's not a joke. That's just a glimpse of what the last few days looked like for Speaker Ryan. These 10 previously-unreleased photos tell the rest of the story.

1. On Tuesday, House Republicans unveiled the first plank in their 6-point plan for A Better Way. It's all about fighting poverty in America in a way that actually rewards work and demands results. Here, Speaker Ryan escorts Bishop Shirley Holloway, the founder and CEO of a community poverty-fighting program, to speak at a press conference.

A Better Way to Fight Poverty

2. Every week, Speaker Ryan holds multiple media availabilities. Directly after a press conference on Tuesday, he sat down for an extended conversation with John Dickerson of CBS' Face the Nation.

Speaker Ryan talks with John Dickerson of Face the Nation

3. Speaker Ryan takes a #SpeakerSelfie (that's a thing started by Mitt Romney) with students from Wisconsin.

#SpeakerSelfie with Wisconsin Students

4. On Wednesday, Speaker Ryan invited four Medal of Honor recipients for breakfast on his balcony at the U.S. Capitol.

Medal of Honor recipients on the Speaker's balcony

5Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the leader of the world's largest democracy, extends a hand of mutual gratitude with Speaker Ryan before addressing a joint meeting of Congress.

Prime Minister Modi address a joint meeting of Congress

6. Speaker Ryan is also the Congressman from Wisconsin's 1st District, and every week, he keeps time in his schedule to meet with his constituents, like those shown below.

Speaker Ryan meets with his constituents from Wisconsin's 1st District

7. After a one-on-one interview with Andrea Mitchell of NBC News, Speaker Ryan introduces her to his youngest son, Sam, who spent the day at work with dad.

Sam, Speaker Ryan's youngest, spent the day on the job with dad

8. On Thursday, before a packed room just blocks from the White House, Speaker Ryan and a half dozen committee chairs unveiled the 2nd plank in the House Republican agenda for A Better Waynational security.

Speaker Ryan unveils a better way for ensuring America's national security.

9. The highlight of the day for Sam (Speaker Ryan's youngest) was when the magician, David Copperfield, visited the Speaker's office and performed an illusion or two.

David Copperfield comes to the Capitol

10. Speaker Ryan welcomed the newest member of Congress, Warren Davidson (OH-08), with a ceremonial swearing-in. 

Speaker Ryan swears in the newest member of Congress.