From early morning to late at night, Capitol Hill was buzzing with activity on Tuesday. As Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan is also the de facto host for Joint Session events. In that spirit of hospitality, here are some of the folks who Speaker Ryan welcomed to the Capitol complex.

1. The TODAY Show – Matt Lauer kicked off The TODAY Show live from the Capitol and spoke with Speaker Ryan about the issues of the day.

Matt Lauer kicked off the Today show live from the Capitol and spoke with Speaker Ryan about the issues of the day.

2. TV Correspondents - In keeping with tradition, the Speaker invited several national television correspondents to the Capitol for breakfast to talk about the president's upcoming address.

Speaker Ryan invites TV correspondents for breakfast at the Capitol

3. Wisconsin Veterans – Representatives from Wisconsin’s VFW and American Legion met with Speaker Ryan to talk about improving care for veterans.

Speaker Ryan greets Wisconsin veterans

4. Educators – At the Library of Congress, Rep. Mark Walker and Sen. Tim Scott hosted a discussion on education and the economy with leaders from Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Speaker Ryan discusses educational issues with leaders from Historically Black Colleges and Universities

5. A Fellow Speaker – Speaker Gingrich and Speaker Ryan take every opportunity they can to talk policy — even at a reception before the president’s address.

Speaker Ryan and Speaker Gingrich have a quick policy discussion at a social reception

6. The Widow of a Fallen Police Officer – Elizabeth Snyder and her brother, Officer Justin Sparks, came to the Capitol as guests of Rep. Rodney Davis and Rep. Ann Wagner. Last fall, Elizabeth’s husband was killed in the line of duty when he was responding to a disturbance at 5am.

Speaker Ryan welcomes the wife of a fallen police officer to the Capitol.

7. Vice President Pence – He may serve as the Vice President, as well as the president of the Senate, but for last night, it was good to have Vice President Pence back in the House of Representatives. (And with such a stylish tie choice!)

Glad to have my good friend Vice President Mike Pence back in the House of Representatives last night for the President's address.

Posted by Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday, March 1, 2017


8. And of course, the President of the United States – It was his first address before a joint session of Congress, and as Speaker Ryan described it, "That was a home run."

That was a home run. President Trump delivered a bold, optimistic message to the American people. We now have a...

Posted by Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

BONUS Video – Want to see who else came to the Capitol? Check out the 2 minutes worth of behind-the-scenes photos and video originally posted to @SpeakerRyan’s Instagram story.