What you see on the front pages of newspapers or hear on the nightly news is not always the full story. A lot of what goes on inside the Capitol is actually politics-free. In fact, here are seven, behind-the-scenes photos that show a few small, but important, moments from the Speaker’s perspective.

1.   Answering Questions – Speaker Ryan calls into a local Wisconsin radio station for a live interview.

2.  Greeting Wisconsin Kids – “Hey, I know you!” Speaker Ryan greets students from Janesville, WI during their school trip to Washington.

3.   Honoring the Fallen – Our police—and their families—make enormous sacrifices for us. The wife of a fallen Louisiana police officer hugs Speaker Ryan as he pays his respects with Rep Garret Graves (LA-06).

4.   Hallway Huddling – Do you ever chat with your co-workers in the hallway at work? Yeah, Speaker Ryan does, too. 

5.   Reviewing Notes – Speaker Ryan reviews a speech honoring America’s peace officers during Police Week.

6.   Sharing a Laugh – Speaker Ryan tries to show a group of Villanova students the proper way to take a photo. (Hint: if it’s not a “W” you’re doing it wrong…)

7.   SHARE-ing the Burden – After completing the day’s run, the Shepherd’s Men share their mission with Speaker Ryan. The group members wear 22-pound vests during their run to raise awareness for the 22 veterans we lose to suicide each day on average.