Countdown to the Pope's Address: Tickets, Please |

In just three days’ time, Pope Francis will address a joint meeting of Congress.   You can watch the speech live and get exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage at

In that spirit, today we’re sharing the first photo of the tickets the public will use to watch a broadcast of the address live on the West Front of the Capitol, where the Pope is expected to make a brief appearance: 

For weeks now, this has been called the hottest ticket in Washington.  “I feel like a scalper for a Taylor Swift concert,” Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) told The Miami Herald.   And as you can see, the tickets come complete with a map, security information, and an invitation from the Speaker himself.  This being the People’s House, Speaker Boehner has released 50,000 tickets, which are being distributed by Representatives and Senators to their constituents.  Here’s a preview from the Associated Press:

House Speaker John Boehner has been trying for 20 years to get a pope to come talk to Congress, and now it’s finally happening. …

Tens of thousands of people are expected to throng the Capitol, where Francis’ address will be broadcast on Jumbotrons on the West Front to those who were able to get tickets. After he speaks to Congress he’s expected to step out to the West Front to greet the crowds. His entire visit to the Capitol is scheduled to last just 90 minutes, yet the planning and preparations have been intense…

“‘I think there’s a lot of interest in what the pope is saying, his outreach to the poor, the fact he thinks people ought to be more religious,’ Boehner said recently in remarks released by his office.”

To see the Speaker’s thoughts on the Pope’s visit, learn more about his long-time mission to bring a Pope to the Capitol, or find out how you can take part in this historic event, just go to