The first full week as a representative-elect is a busy one. Members-to-be have a jam-packed orientation schedule as they learn how to get a Congressional office up and running, meet their colleagues, and simply navigate the tunnels in and around the Capitol. Speaker Ryan made it a point to welcome more than 50 incoming freshmen and also offer some friendly advice along the way. 

"The campaign is over. Now the real work begins." - Speaker Ryan

1. Swearing-in

Incoming members of the House will be sworn into office in January, when the 115th Congress begins, but a few members who won special elections to fill vacant seats swore their oaths last week, including Rep. James Comer (R-KY).

Speaker Ryan swears in Rep. James Comer (R-KY)

2. A Sense of History

On their first evening in the Capitol, incoming Republicans join Speaker Ryan for dinner in the Old Hall of the House, where the House met for legislative business from 1807 to 1857. Here, the House Historian points out where many of our forefathers once sat—James Madison, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln—and the incoming class begins to get a sense of history for the institution of which they are now a part.

A Sense of History in the Old Hall of the House

3. A Bipartisan Reminder

Being Speaker of the House means exactly that—being Speaker of the whole House. That's why Speaker Ryan offered this tongue-in-cheek reminder before the entire incoming class of Republicans and Democrats: "No matter your party, remember: our fight is not with each other. . .It’s with the Senate."

Speaker Ryan offers advice to a bipartisan group of incoming House freshmen

4. Family First

Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McCarthy were joined by their wives, Janna and Judy, in welcoming the spouses of the recently-elected Republican members. As a father of three, the Speaker encouraged the husbands and wives that a work-life balance is indeed possible, adding that "nothing is more important than family."

Speaker Ryan and his wife welcome spouses of the class of the 115th Congress

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