What working together looks like | Speaker.gov

A great thing just happened.  This morning, leaders of both parties in the House came together to get something done for the millions of Americans who continue to struggle to find work in today’s economy. 

Speaker Boehner, joined by Leader Pelosi (D-CA), Rep. Kline (R-MN), Rep. Miller (D-CA), Rep. Foxx (R-NC), and Rep. Hinojosa (D-TX), signed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (H.R. 803) before sending it to the president’s desk.  The bill would improve and streamline job training programs so that those who are out of work can get the skills they need to earn a steady paycheck and get back on their feet.  

The completion of the workforce development bill is a positive step that will help to create good opportunities for hardworking Americans.  The photos below show what working together looks like.