It’s easy to get caught up in cable news countdown clocks, DC partisan bickering, and 140-character play-by-plays. But these aren’t the things that most Americans spend their days thinking about. (I know, hard to believe.) People care about having a good job, taking care of their families, achieving the American Dream. That’s why you sent your representatives to Washington—to focus on the issues that matter most to you.

So here are seven moments from July that show we’re cutting through the clutter to tackle what matters most—the problems people face in their everyday lives.

1.   Products Made in the USA – Products made in the America are the exception, not the rule. While on a tour of New Balance’s Lawrence, Massachusetts factory—one of the company’s five manufacturing facilities in New England—Speaker Ryan watches as an employee completes one of the steps towards producing an athletic shoe.

2.   Advancement in Medical Technologies – Addison, Pleasant Prairie, WI resident, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at three years-old. She wears a continuous glucose monitor that allows her mom to monitor her blood sugar through an app on her phone. The CURES Act, which promotes medical innovation, was passed with the goal of helping children like Addison.

3.   Being Prepared to Enter the Workforce – Speaker Ryan participates in the Congressional Summer Intern Lecture Series, answering interns’ questions on how best to prepare to enter the workforce on graduation. His best advice: Success starts with having a positive outlook.

4.   Access to Good Jobs – Speaker Ryan participates in the White House’s Foxconn factory announcement with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Senator Ron Johnson. The opening of this factory will bring thousands of good jobs to southeastern Wisconsin.

5.   Lowered Taxes – In speaking to New Balance employees, Speaker Ryan details how tax reform will help not just businesses, but everyday Americans. Cutting taxes and simplifying the tax code means more money in your pocket and less stress come tax season.

6.   Ending Human Trafficking – Human trafficking isn’t just a problem abroad—it’s an American problem, too. In July, the House passed bipartisan legislation that gives law enforcement the resources and support it needs to protect our citizens and support to victims of these awful crimes.

7.   Keeping Americans Safe – In July, the House passed one of the most expansive sanctions packages in history with the goal of tightening the screws on Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Speaker Ryan, joined by members of House leadership, signs this important legislation to keep Americans safe, which sends it to the White House.