1. The Constitution – Speaker Ryan holds up a pocket Constitution as a reminder that Congress' first responsibility is to support and defend the Constitution.

Speaker Ryan holds up the Constitution

2. Happy Birthday, Bob Dole – This American hero just celebrated his 93rd birthday.

Speaker Ryan and Bob Dole

3. Heroes from Orlando – Speaker Ryan personally thanked these two deputies who helped end the terrorist rampage in Orlando.

Speaker Ryan welcomes deputies from Orlando to the U.S. Capitol

4. CNN Townhall – Jake Tapper and CNN hosted a townhall with Speaker Ryan to discuss a #BetterWay forward on the big issues facing America.

Speaker Ryan on CNN

5. Live Facebook Q&A – Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) joined Speaker Ryan for an in-depth discussion about a #BetterWay to fight poverty in our communities.

Speaker Ryan and Rep. Mia Love

6. Emmitt Smith – The legendary Cowboys running back and his wife visited the Capitol, where they received some good-natured ribbing from Packers fan (and owner) Paul Ryan.

Emmitt Smith and Speaker Ryan joke about football

7. Squad – Members of Congress eagerly awaited the enrollment of landmark legislation to combat the growing opioid epidemic in our country.

Speaker Ryan enters the room to sign legislation to combat opioid abuse

8. More than words – Moments after signing legislation to help those struggling with opioid addiction, Speaker Ryan shared a special moment with fellow Wisconsinite Michelle Jaskulski, whose sons are in recovery from heroin addiction.

Speaker Ryan hugs a fellow Wisconsinite, who thanks him for his work to give hope to those afflicted by opioid abuse

9. In Remembrance of the Fallen – Speaker Ryan pauses for a personal moment of prayer and remembrance for Capitol police officers killed in the line of duty.

Speaker Ryan pauses to remember Capitol Police officers killed in the line of duty

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