An ABC News / Washington Post survey found “62 percent of Americans disapprove of the president’s performance on gasoline prices,” and “[f]ifty percent disapprove ‘strongly,’ an unusual level of strong disapproval on any issue.” This updated interactive chart might help explain why …

As you can see, the national average for a gallon of gas has more than doubled from $1.85 to nearly $4 on President Obama’s watch. And yet today the president is touting a tax hike that won’t help create jobs or lower gas prices (but it is dividing Democrats). This disconnect is another example of the “Obama Gap” on energy.

While Democrats are ignoring jobs and gas prices, Speaker John Boehner will “take aim at President Obama’s energy policies” today and urge the president “to throw his support behind GOP-backed legislation to expand domestic oil-and-gas production, among other things,” according to The Hill.

Republicans have passed several American Energy Initiative bills to remove barriers to energy production and stop policies that drive up gas prices. See the list of House-passed energy bills here.

Click here for our original chart and here for comprehensive list of anti-energy actions taken by the Obama administration. And note that if you embed this new version on your website, it will update automatically in the future as we track the president’s policies and their impact on gas prices.