This afternoon, the people’s House paused – as it does every year on this day – in memory of Officer Jacob. J Chestnut and Detective John M. Gibson of the United States Capitol Police.  On July 24, 1998, these two officers were killed in the line of duty defending the Capitol against an armed intruder.

Today at 3:40 p.m. – the time of the attack – the full House observed a moment of silence.  Leaders of both the House and the Senate gathered at the same hour with the families of Officers Chestnut and Gibson for a wreath-laying ceremony at the Memorial Door, the entrance where the attack occurred.  (Photos from the ceremony are here.)

This is an excerpt from Speaker Boehner’s official Congressional Record tribute to Officers Chestnut and Gibson:

“It was 15 years ago today that Officers Jacob J. Chestnut and John M. Gibson of the U.S. Capitol Police gave their lives in the line of duty, defending the Capitol against an armed gunman.   In the decade and a half since their sacrifice, the memory of their heroism has never dimmed.  The sacrifices they and their families made will never be forgotten by this institution or by the people of the nation we serve.   We give thanks for all the brave men and women of the Capitol Police force who honor the legacy of Officers Chestnut and Gibson on a daily basis through their service and commitment to protecting our nation’s greatest symbol of freedom and democracy."