On June 12, at 5:02 a.m., an explosive charge was detonated to breach the outer wall of Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. Fewer than 13 minutes later, the terrorist who cut short the lives of so many innocent Americans was killed.

The men and women who wear the badge and did not hesitate to act that night—and every night in city after city across the United States—deserve our thanks.

That's why Speaker Ryan recently welcomed Matt Fulch (left) and Tony Kavis (right) to the U.S. Capitol. These Orange County deputies on the Hazardous Device Team helped end the terrorist rampage that night in Orlando, and they are heroes for their refusal to back down in the face of terror.

BI agents investigate near the damaged rear wall of the Pulse club, where police used explosives and an armored vehicle to break through the cinder block.