This week is National Police Week, where we honor our country’s law enforcement officers, as well as mourn those lost in the line of duty this past year. 
There is a saying in the law enforcement community: “In this family, nobody fights alone.” When an officer goes down, the whole force feels the loss and carries the burden. It is so moving to see that spirit of solidarity on display this week.
I know this is a challenging time for law enforcement. If there is one thing I’ve come to recognize, it is that we must not take any of this for granted—whether it’s the dangers that the men and women who wear the badge face, or the sacrifices that their families make; all the long nights and holidays that they don’t get to spend together.

We must not take any of it for granted. It is where our safety comes from every day.

To all the cops on the beat, and to your loved ones: You do not fight alone.

We are with you, and behind you, always.

Thank you, and God bless you.