Just last week, Speaker Ryan reached the six-month mark in his job as speaker of the House, and anyone can tell you, it's not an easy gig. But as Speaker Ryan discovered, he's enjoying it more than he thought he would. Perhaps these ten moments from last month are part of the reason why. 

(Spoiler alert: the pics get cuter as you scroll)

1. Bibi

2. Overlooking Jerusalem

Speaker Ryan visits Jerusalem

3. American Marines Abroad


4. #SpeakerSelfie (with the Boy Scouts)

#SpeakerSelfie with boy scouts

5. National Pet Day (Boomer & Sooner)

 Boomer & Sooner

6. National Park Week (on the National Mall)

Speaker Ryan overlooks the National Mall

7. America's Future (visits the U.S. Capitol)

America's future visits the U.S. Capitol

8. Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month

9. High-five


10. Take Your Kid to Work Day (with reporters' daughters and sons)

Take Your Kids to Work Day (with reporters' kids)

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