Live at 1:00 p.m. ET → Speaker Ryan's Farewell Address:

From a First District small business tour to daily meetings in D.C., Speaker Ryan took time these past couple of weeks (as he always does) to meet with fellow Wisconsinites to hear about the issues they care about. He recalled his teenage years serving as a YMCA camp counselor; demonstrated tax issues with toy cars; and learned how technology assists families of ALS patients in communicating with their loved ones. Here are six photos featuring Wisconsinites from the last couple of weeks.

1.   YMCA-ers

Speaker Ryan welcomed YMCA’s Camp Manito-wish directors and board members to the Capitol, sharing stories from his days as a camp counselor and discussing the Child Protection Improvements Act. After the meeting, he caught some stares carrying his Camp Manito-wish paddle through the Capitol hallways back to his office.

2.   Janesville Students

“Hey, I know you!” Speaker Ryan met with students from Janesville, WI on the Speaker’s Balcony during their school trip to Washington.

3.   Racine Business Owners

Ahead of a major committee hearing this week, Speaker Ryan spoke with Wisconsin small business leaders and workers about reforming our broken tax code. One of his stops was a factory tour of InSinkErator, located in Racine, WI.

4.   ALS Advocates

An ALS diagnosis does not just affect the patient, but entire families who often serve as caregivers. In a visit from the Wisconsin Chapter of the ALS Association, Peter and Kathy Moe shared their family’s battle with this terrible disease.

5.   Wisconsin Realtors

A large contingent of Wisconsin Realtors Association members met with the speaker to discuss tax reform and the need for new technology to aid in the determination of flood insurance.

6.   Motor Carriers

Speaker Ryan met with representatives of Wisconsin transportation companies to discuss tax reform and infrastructure issues. He even whipped out some toy cars to show how tax reform brings jobs back to America.