Boehner: American Families Deserve the Same Break Big Businesses Are Getting |

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement after it was reported in the New York Times that another component of the president’s health care law has been delayed:

“Once again the president is giving a break to big businesses struggling with his health care law while individuals and families unfairly remain stuck under its mandates.  This report is just the latest evidence that the law is too costly and too complex to work – and that it’s not being implemented fairly.  Almost as troubling as the continued failures of the law’s implementation is the lack of transparency.  Burying this announcement online in a ‘maze of legal and bureaucratic language’ shows little concern for the promises with which this law was sold.  What else in the law isn’t working that we don’t yet know about?  

“This is the bottom line: if the president’s health care law is too complex and costly for big businesses and insurance companies to figure out, American families deserve a break from it as well.  The Senate should take up the House-passed delay of the individual mandate as soon as it returns to work.  It’s only fair.”