Boehner: House Democrats Again Playing Politics with Katrina |
WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today admonished House Democrat leaders for hyper-politicizing the Select Committee on Katrina’s report on the investigation of actions taken by federal, state, and local authorities both before and following the hurricane.

“Once again, House Democrat leaders are putting politics before progress at the expense of the families impacted by Hurricane Katrina,” said Boehner.  “Instead of working in a constructive fashion to address key problems in the response to Katrina at all levels of government, House Democrats have abdicated their responsibility to the American people by refusing to participate in a bipartisan investigation.”

House Democrats continued to insist boycotting the investigation was the right course, with one leader yesterday saying “I am very pleased that Democrats didn’t participate.”  (“House Dems are rethinking ‘sham’ panel,” Hearn, The Hill, February 15, 2006)

“Their response to an investigation they once called a ‘sham’ sheds a very clear light on the partisan and divisive goals of House Democrats,” Boehner added.

“Congress responded quickly to these unprecedented natural disasters by approving billions in immediate aid to help address the short- and long-term needs of the families impacted by these tragedies,” Boehner said.  “We will continue to respond with compassion and ensure that the federal government’s resources are available to help those in need.”