Boehner: Ohio’s Breakthrough Charter Schools Leading the Way in Education Reform |

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, at a hearing entitled, “Raising the Bar: The Role of Charter Schools in K-12 Education,” Mr. Alan Rosskamm, Chief Executive Officer of the Breakthrough Charter Schools in Cleveland, OH, testified before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce on the importance of the charter school movement.  House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released the following statement:

“It’s no secret: when our kids learn and thrive, so do our communities.  That’s why the work of Alan Rosskamm and the teachers at Breakthrough Charter Schools in Ohio is so vitally important , and I’m pleased that he was able to offer his expertise to lawmakers in Washington today. 

“Charter schools have proven successful in helping disadvantaged students learn and succeed in life, and they are a critical tool in expanding educational opportunities and ensuring that every child has the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.  Unfortunately, opponents of education reform, including the mayor of New York City, continue to attack common-sense efforts to empower parents and provide underprivileged children with a quality education.  Instead of attacking them, the mayor ought to have their backs.

“In America, a good education is the great equalizer, something that gives our children the chance to fulfill their potential no matter how they fared in the lottery of life.  School choice is one way for us to live up to our billing as the ‘Land of Opportunity,’ and that’s why the more we can do to empower parents to pick and choose the schools that best meet their kids’ needs, the better.  The House of Representatives will continue to express our support for school choice and the charter school movement, and I hope leaders in both parties will embrace these efforts.”