Boehner Praises GOP Action on Energy Prices, Challenges Democrats to Support Responsible Energy Solutions |
 WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement on House Republican plans for addressing America’s energy needs and criticized House Democrats for consistently opposing every responsible energy proposal considered in the House over the last decade:
    “House Republicans are committed to looking at every available solution to safeguard our economy, protect consumers, and address America’s energy needs.  The Energy Policy Act signed into law last year was an important first step in developing a comprehensive national energy policy, boosting U.S. energy supply and lowering demand, and fostering greater conservation and efficiency, but we must do more.  

    “As the party of obstruction that has repeatedly stonewalled every responsible proposal to help secure America’s energy needs, Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats have absolutely no credibility on this issue.  Time and time again, Democrats have chosen to put partisan politics ahead of the interests of working Americans, and voters across the country today are paying the price at the pump for their decade of negligence.”

    “I’m pleased that Chairmen Barton and Pombo have announced plans for additional committee action to address this issue, and I’m encouraged that they will be looking at legislative solutions that the House could consider in the coming weeks and months.”
Yesterday, the House Energy & Commerce Committee announced plans for hearings on rising energy prices.  The House Resources Committee has also announced plans for hearings beginning with one on renewable and alterative energy production this Thursday.