Boehner Responds to Obama Administration "Progress" Report on Implementation of Job-Killing Health Care Law |
House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today called out the Obama Administration for forcing a job-killing health care overhaul on the nation that threatens millions of American jobs, questioned the Administration’s commitment to ensuring that the new law does not promote abortion, and demanded that the Administration tell Americans what changes in the law it is willing to support in the wake of revelations that the law will cost far more than originally stated and will increase Americans’ health care costs.

Boehner made the charges in a letter to Secretary of Health & Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, who earlier this week sent a “progress” report to congressional leaders on behalf of the Obama Administration regarding implementation of President Obama’s massive health law.

“There is considerable irony in the Administration sending a progress report to Congress regarding its efforts to implement a law the American people asked Congress not to pass and continue to believe should be repealed and replaced with common-sense alternatives,” Boehner wrote.

Boehner’s letter to Sebelius noted that the Obama administration’s “progress” report to Congress “made no mention of the stream of private-sector job creators nationwide, small and large, who in the days since the law was enacted have announced they will be forced to cut back on hiring, expansion, employee benefits and other priorities for working families as a result of the law’s hostile mandates and penalties.”

“At a time when one out of every 10 Americans in the workforce is unemployed and millions of Americans are struggling to rejoin the ranks of the employed, it is critical that the American people have detailed information about the Administration’s plan for dealing with the negative real-world consequences the president’s health care law is already having on small and large private sector job-creators and the American workforce,” Boehner wrote.

Boehner also faulted the Administration for omitting any mention of back-to-back government reports in recent weeks that have directly contradicted major promises made by President Obama about the new law, and questioned Secretary Sebelius’ failure to include in the “progress” report any discussion of action by the Administration to implement President Obama’s recent Executive Order on federal funding of abortion.  President Obama said the Executive Order eliminated the need for congressional passage of the Stupak Amendment, which would have banned federal funding of abortion under the president’s health care law.