Boehner: Senate Democrats Now Must Pass a Budget or Lose Their Pay |

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WASHINGTON, DC - House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement after the Senate passed legislation forcing the Democrats who run the chamber to finally pass a budget after nearly four years of inaction:

“Every hardworking family and small business in America puts together a budget, and our elected leaders have a responsibility to do the same. It shouldn't have taken legislative action by the House to force the Democratic majority in the Senate to do its job -- but after nearly four years of inaction on a budget by Senate Democrats, that's what it came to. Because of the efforts of House Republicans, Senate Democrats are now required to do their job for the American people and pass a budget, or lose their pay. Now Senate Democrats should take the task seriously and present a plan that balances the budget and responsibly addresses the government's spending problem.

"Our shared goal should be to help grow the economy and expand opportunity. To do that, we need to budget responsibly. House Republicans have consistently passed budgets that promote economic growth and address our debt crisis -- which is the result of out of-control spending by Washington -- and we will do so again this year.