WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released the following statement applauding House passage of the Western Water & American Food Security Act (H.R. 2898), which would provide relief to those affected by the current man-made water shortage in California:

“The Obama administration has prioritized extreme environmental policies over people, turning a drought into a man-made water shortage that is affecting the lives of millions of Americans in California and the Western United States.  This crisis was avoidable, but government incompetence, bureaucratic conceit, and a liberal agenda that disregards scientific data and the wellbeing of families, workers, and farmers prevailed over common sense.

“For too many Americans, this year has been much like the last few: a constant struggle to keep their crops and their livelihoods alive.  Today’s bipartisan House vote is an honest attempt to help them.  It demands the use of updated science in making water management decisions, requires the federal government to expedite feasibility studies for water storage, and streamlines the permit process for efforts to capture water.  Yesterday’s White House veto threat of this bill only reinforces this administration’s inflexibility, close-mindedness, and desire to please its liberal allies.  I urge the Senate to send a message to the president by acting swiftly on this bill.”