Boehner Statement Following America Speaking Out Jobs Forum |
House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today participated in an America Speaking Out jobs forum with America Speaking Out Job Creation Policy Director Peter Roskam (R-IL), along with Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) and leaders from America’s employer community to discuss current barriers to job creation, as well as solutions that can put our nation’s unemployed back to work with sustainable private sector jobs.  Groups invited to the forum represent more than 46 million American jobs and at least 4.5 million businesses – America’s manufacturers, small businesses, and job creators.

At a press conference afterward, Boehner discussed the economic uncertainty that employers are facing on account of Washington Democrats’ job-killing policies:

“The American people are continuing to ask the question, ‘where are the jobs?’ and all they are getting out of Washington Democrats is more ‘stimulus’ spending and more unsustainable federal debt.  This morning, my colleagues and I met with organizations that represent 4.5 million American employers, who hire about 46 million Americans.  We were there to listen to them and their ideas about how to get our economy going again,” Boehner said.  “It’s pretty clear that there are a lot of barriers to job creation in America.  It’s all the uncertainty that we see coming out of Washington that has many American employers very concerned about what the future is going to look like.  Yesterday, Mr. Cantor and I sent a letter to the president asking him to listen to private-sector employers about their ideas to get our economy going again.  It’s clear that the path that we’ve been on over the last 18 months has not worked and is not working.  The American people want to go back to work but they are not going to get there if the government continues to put all types of impediments in front of American employers.”

One of the major ideas discussed at the forum was the idea of a freeze on new jobs-killing federal regulations, an idea similar to the one featured in the No-Cost Jobs Plan that Leader Boehner and House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) presented to President Obama months ago.  Boehner and Cantor wrote the President again just yesterday urging him to consider the proposal, and Boehner reiterated his support for stopping job-killing regulations today.

“I think having a moratorium on new federal regulations is a great idea it sends a wonderful signal to the private sector that they're going to have some breathing room,” Boehner added.  “I think there's probably a way to do this with an exemption for emergency regulations that may be needed for some particular agency.  But if the American people knew there was going to be a moratorium in effect for a year that the federal government wasn't going to issue thousands more regulations, it would give them some breathing room.”

The No-Cost Jobs Plan presented to President Obama by House Republicans proposes, among other reforms, that the president consider the idea of halting any proposed rule or regulation that is expected to have an economic cost, result in job loss, or have an immediate disparate impact on small businesses.  The proposal notes: “Since taking office, the Administration has had under consideration more than 100 regulations that are deemed economically significant, meaning they have an impact on the economy in excess of $100 million.  Many of these rules will directly impact small businesses.  The President should issue an immediate Executive Order halting any proposed regulations expected to impose any net costs on the economy in either the near or long-term or that negatively impact small businesses or result in a net loss of jobs.  Such rules should be rewritten to fully mitigate any negative economic impact.”