Boehner Statement on Libya Resolutions |
Later tonight, two resolutions related to our mission in Libya will be posted online.  House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement on them: 

“Tomorrow, Members of the House Republican Conference will meet to discuss the way forward on Libya.  Tonight, we will post two resolutions that will be part of that discussion.  It is clear that the Obama Administration’s claim that targeted bombings, missile strikes, and other military actions in Libya do not constitute ‘hostilities’ under the War Powers Resolution is not credible.  As we have learned in the past week, even his Administration’s attorneys from the Office of Legal Counsel and the Department of Defense recognize that.

“We have no desire to damage the NATO alliance, which has been a strong force for peace and stability in Europe and around the world.  We know that soldiers, sailors, and airmen from our allies have fought by our side for decades, most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we honor their service. Still, the White House must not ignore its obligations to the American people and the laws of this country.

“If the Commander-in-Chief believes that intervention in Libya is important for our national security, he has a responsibility to make a case for it – clearly and publicly – and seek authorization. In the three months since military action in Libya began, none of this has occurred. The American people deserve to have their voice heard in this debate, and Congress has a responsibility to hold the White House accountable.”

NOTE: Tonight, the following resolutions will be posted online:

1.    A resolution to affirmatively authorize the use of force in Libya (using the language authored by Sens. John McCain & John Kerry.)

2.    A resolution to remove U.S. forces from hostilities in Libya under the War Powers Resolution except for forces engaged in non-hostile actions such as search & rescue, aerial re-fueling, operational planning, intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance, and non-combat mission.