WASHINGTON, DC - House Speaker John Boehner issued the following statement today applauding House passage of the Faithful Execution of the Law Act (H.R. 3973) sponsored by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), and the Water Rights Protection Act (H.R. 3189) sponsored by Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO):

“The president has a Constitutional obligation to enforce the law, whether he likes it or not.  From his numerous re-writes of the health care law to his administration’s attempt to seize private water rights, the willful disregard for the limits of executive power is astounding.  The bills passed by the House today will help rein in executive overreach by requiring more transparency from the administration when it refuses to enforce the law, and preventing the federal government from taking private water rights from the small businesses, farmers, ranchers, and others who depend on them.  I hope the Senate will approve these measures and send them to the president’s desk to remind this White House that we have a Constitution and the American people expect it to be followed.”