Boosting American Energy to Help Lower Heating Bills & Create Jobs |

WASHINGTON, DC - House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) applauded House passage today of two bills that will help address home heating costs by expediting approval of new energy projects (H.R. 2641) and curbing excessive red tape on coal-fired power producers (H.R. 3826):

“When low and middle income Americans have to cut back on groceries just to pay their heating bills, President Obama and Democrats in Washington have no excuse for standing in the way of more American energy.  Instead of blocking new energy projects, as he’s done with the Keystone pipeline, President Obama should back Tom Marino’s RAPID Act to help expedite their approval.  Instead of taking coal out of America’s electricity generation mix, the president should call on Senate Democrats to pass Ed Whitfield’s bill to protect coal-fired power plants from excessive new rules that will raise our power bills and destroy jobs.  Both of these bipartisan bills will help provide long-term relief to struggling families, while creating new, good-paying jobs and enhancing our energy independence.  They deserve a swift vote in the Democratic-led Senate, along with many other House-passed jobs measures that have been stalled for months.”

NOTE: For a complete list of the dozens of House-passed jobs bills that would increase energy production, revitalize manufacturing, fuel economic growth, and more, visit