Promoting Economic and Security Cooperation, Ryan Delegation Meets with UK Officials |

LONDON—At an historic moment, a bipartisan congressional delegation led by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) arrived in the United Kingdom this week, just following the unexpected announcement of a new election in June.

In London, the delegation met with UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. The members made clear to the secretary that, no matter the shifting politics in the UK, the special relationship between our two nations will be as strong as ever. The group also discussed economic issues and reasserted the importance of the NATO alliance at this time. Following the meeting, Secretary Johnson showed the speaker and delegation the Churchill War Rooms.

In addition, the delegation held separate meetings with the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and Secretary for International Trade Liam Fox. With these leaders, the speaker echoed messages delivered in an address Wednesday evening at the Policy Exchange. He expressed support for a bilateral trade agreement between the United States and United Kingdom, in addition to the US-EU agreement currently being negotiated. And he underscored the need for the US, UK, and our NATO allies to strengthen our partnerships to promote prosperity and combat growing security challenges around the world. 

As the speaker said in his address, “We should measure the success of the special relationship not just by how we treat each other…We should measure this relationship by how it promotes security and prosperity for the world.”

Also while in London, the delegation received a briefing on current security threats in the region, as well as a review of US military activities and personnel from Army General Curtis Scaparrotti, EUCOM Commander.

From here, the delegation will head to Poland and Estonia, two important NATO allies that, like the US and UK, are meeting their obligation to spend two percent of GDP on defense.