The Real Obama Liberal Legacy is a periodic series to highlight the results of liberal progressivism put into practice.

Next up, the president’s budgets. In eight years, the president has never proposed a balanced budget—not once.

The promise: “If we can get on a path of sustained growth, end the war in Iraq, end some of the special interest loopholes and earmarks that have been clogging up the system, then I think we can return to a path of a balanced budget.” — Sen. Barack Obama, 12/13/2007.

The reality: It’s pretty hard to get on that path if the president won’t propose a balanced budget. Not once in eight years has President Obama done so. Not in 2009, or in 2010, or in 2011, or in 2012, or in 2013, or in 2014, or in 2015, or in 2016.

Instead, the national debt has almost doubled under his watch—from $10.6 trillion in January 2009 to $19.4 trillion in August 2016.

The president never promised to balance the budget, but he did promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term—a promise he conspicuously didn’t keep.

And though the deficit has fallen in recent years, the White House now says this year’s deficit will be $600 billion, an $162 billion increase from last year.

In other words, balancing the budget was never a priority for this president. Instead, he’s more interested in increasing spending by $2.5 trillion and raising taxes by $3.4 trillion over the next ten years. This is yet another disappointing part of the president’s liberal legacy.