The Real Obama Liberal Legacy is a periodic series to highlight the results of liberal progressivism put into practice.

Next up, a record-low work rate. This month's jobs report includes a number all too familiar to the American people: 94 million—that's the number of people who are out of the work force.

The record: 94 million. That’s the number of people who aren’t looking for a job or have given up trying.

It’s up big from the roughly 80 million people who were out of the work force when the president took office.

And it translates to a labor-force participation rate of 62.8 percent, the lowest since 1978. That’s a record low that the economy has hit multiple times throughout this presidency.

What both these numbers show is that millions of people can’t find the good-paying jobs they need.

So the president can brag that “we’re in the middle of the longest streak of private sector job creation in history.” But there’s no denying that this recovery has also been historically weak. The economy is not creating the kind of jobs it needs to—and it’s leaving millions of people behind.

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