Republicans Introduce Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act |

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released the following statement upon introduction of the Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act:

“Next week, the House of Representatives will pass legislation that will help Americans struggling with the consequences of President Obama’s failed economic policies.  As the President has requested, the bill will extend the payroll tax cut and reform and extend unemployment insurance. It will also extend pro-growth tax relief for businesses of all sizes while advancing several bipartisan measures that will directly support the creation of private-sector jobs, including the Keystone XL energy pipeline.  Everything in the House bill will be offset by spending cuts, many of which the President and independent experts have called for. It has no tax increases which would hit small businesses and destroy jobs, as Senate Democrats have proposed. This package does not include everything Republicans would like, nor does it have all that Democrats have called for; but it is a win for the American people and worthy of the President’s signature.  It is my hope that the President will accept this measure so that Americans can see that we are still capable of working together to the meet the challenges we face.”

NOTE: For a summary of the Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act, please click here.

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