Speaker Boehner’s Remarks to Lawmakers on Bipartisan Conference Call | Speaker.gov
 - On a bipartisan conference call with lawmakers this afternoon, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) delivered the following remarks:

"Let me thank Leader Pelosi, Leader Cantor, and everyone for joining this call.  Yesterday was a grim day for our institution and our country.  Gabby was attacked while doing the most fundamental duty of a Member of Congress - listening to her constituents.

"Like members of Congress, our staff take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.  As a staffer, Gabe Zimmerman gave his life doing his job -- serving the people, and helping his boss carry out the sacred duty of representing the people of Arizona's 8th Congressional District.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, as well to the two other members of Gabby’s staff who were wounded yesterday.

"This morning I ordered flags flown at half-mast on the House side of the Capitol in solemn tribute to Gabe Zimmerman.  Since that time, at the direction of Senator Reid, flags have been lowered to half-mast on the Senate side as well.  

"We don't yet know the motives of the assailant, or whether he acted alone.  What we do know is that this was an act of unspeakable brutality and violence, one that has no place in our society.

"As you've heard me say, an attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve.  This is a time for the House to pull together as an institution -- one body, unified in our common purpose of serving the American people and fighting for the freedom and justice guaranteed to all by our Constitution.

"Accordingly, in consultation with me and with the minority leader, Majority Leader Cantor has announced that the normal business of the House for the coming week has been postponed so that we can take necessary actions regarding yesterday’s events.  Eric will be announcing a revised schedule for the week.

"I have also asked that the Sergeant at Arms, U.S. Capitol Police, and FBI conduct an in-depth security overview for members on Wednesday.  I’m asking Conference Chairs Hensarling and Larsen to arrange the briefings with our respective conferences.  

"I’m also directing the Sergeant-at-Arms and Capitol Police to conduct a bipartisan security briefing for district directors.

"What is critical is that we stand together at this dark time as one body.  We need to rally around our wounded colleague, the families of the fallen, and the people of Arizona's 8th District.  And, frankly, we need to rally around each other.

"This is a time for the House to lock arms, both in condemnation of this heinous act, and in prayer for those killed and wounded in this attack.  At a time when an individual has shown us humanity at its worst, we must rise to the occasion for our nation and show Congress at its best.

"With that, let me turn to Leader Pelosi."