Speaker Boehner: Bipartisan Jobs Bill Deserves an Immediate Vote in the Senate | Speaker.gov

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released the following statement praising the House for passing the Cement Sector Regulatory Relief Act (H.R. 2681), bipartisan legislation eliminating excessive government regulations that threaten thousands of American jobs:

“This bill is a good example of both parties working together to stop excessive government regulations from sending American jobs overseas. It eliminates new federal restrictions that would shut down 20 percent of our nation’s cement manufacturing plants, and forces Washington regulators to develop more balanced and effective rules that will protect public health without destroying jobs.

“As this bill shows, we can find common ground when it comes to removing obstacles to job growth. With millions out of work and our economy still on the ropes, it’s time for the Senate to stop stalling on House-passed jobs bills. Senate Democrats should bring this bipartisan legislation to an immediate vote and President Obama should sign it into law as quickly as possible.”

NOTE: House leaders wrote a letter to President Obama earlier this week seeking his support for two bipartisan bills removing obstacles to job growth, including H.R. 2681. Read the full letter here and learn more about Republican efforts to remove barriers to private sector job growth at jobs.GOP.gov.

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