WASHINGTON, DC - House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement in response to the Department of Labor’s unemployment report for February 2015:

“While it is welcome news that more Americans found work last month, middle-class families continue to be left behind by the president's policies.  By vetoing the Keystone pipeline, the president put his political agenda ahead of the more than 42,000 workers who would have a shot at a good-paying job.  And while middle-class families struggle with wages that haven’t kept up with rising costs, the president proposed a tax on 529 college savings plans that would make it even harder for them to save for college.  Simply put, most Americans aren’t seeing the positive economic news translate into improvements in their daily lives.

“Republicans remain focused on solutions that will help grow the economy and support more jobs and better wages for all Americans.  We’ve passed bills to restore the 40-hour work week, boost natural gas exports, simplify the tax code to help small businesses grow, expand college savings accounts for middle-class families, and more.  It is time for the president to put down the veto pen and work with us to get these common-sense measures signed into law.”