Speaker Boehner Hails Passage of Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act | Speaker.gov
House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released the following statement praising the House for passing the Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act (H.R. 3630), legislation to extend the payroll tax break, extend and reform unemployment insurance, protect Social Security, and help create new private-sector jobs:

“Today the House passed a bill that extends the payroll tax relief, extends and reforms unemployment insurance, and protects Social Security – without job-killing tax hikes. Our bill includes sensible, bipartisan measures to help the private sector create jobs. Now it’s time for the Senate to act.

“It is disappointing that the White House has threatened to veto its top legislative priority for reasons that the Washington Post has reported are entirely fictitious. The American people are still asking, ‘where are the jobs?’ The House is listening and just passed a common-sense jobs bill on their behalf. 

“Now the Democrats who run Washington have a responsibility to act. The Senate can take up our bill and amend it, or it can pass its own bill. But the Democrats who run the Senate can’t continue to shirk their responsibility to govern. The American people are waiting on them.”

NOTE: Everything in the Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act is offset by spending cuts – most reflecting common ground between Republicans and President Obama – rather than tax hikes proposed by Senate Democrats that would hurt small businesses and destroy jobs. Click here for a summary.

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