WASHINGTON, DC -- House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement regarding the Obama Administration’s implementation of a mandate, taking effect today, that requires Americans to violate their religious beliefs to implement the president’s health care law:

“On this day, let us renew our determination to reverse the mandate and restore the religious liberty that has been demolished by the Obama Administration’s actions. 

“The administration's mandate stands today not because it is sound policy; not because it reflects the will of the people; not because it is consistent with the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.  The mandate stands today because the Democratic-controlled Senate preemptively blocked legislation that would have reversed this attack on religious freedom.  And it stands because the President of the United States has refused to listen to the people and institutions that built a great nation.

“As I noted last week: whether the administration’s attack on religious freedom is reversed through judicial action, legislative action or other means, it must be reversed.  And last week’s court ruling provided the surest sign that it will be reversed.  The freedoms that define us as a nation have stood the test of time -- and they can outlast any form of tyranny, as long as the American people, who hold the true power in this country, remain committed to them."

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