Speaker Boehner Praises Bipartisan Bill Repealing Withholding Tax on Small Businesses, Urges Senate to Act Quickly | Speaker.gov

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) praised today’s bipartisan vote to repeal the IRS withholding tax on job creators, the latest in a series of jobs bills supported by both parties and the president, and featured in the Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators. Boehner also called on Senate Democrats to pass the measure and send it to the president for his signature:

“The strong bipartisan vote on this measure is the latest example of both parties working together to create a better environment for private-sector job creation. The bill repeals an unnecessary tax that would threaten thousands of jobs and hurt every small business who works with local, state, and federal agencies. Repealing this tax is an important element of both our Plan for America’s Job Creators and the president’s jobs plan, and the Senate should pass it quickly so the president can sign it into law.

“But Senate Democrats shouldn’t stop there. The House has passed at least 15 jobs bills that are gathering dust over in the Democratic-led Senate. Like today’s bill, many of these passed with bipartisan support and are cosponsored by Democratic lawmakers. We’ve shown we can find common ground when it comes to removing government barriers to job growth; now we need the Senate to work with us and start taking action so we can help our economy get back to creating new jobs.”

NOTE: For more information on the Republican jobs plan and a list of jobs bills stuck in the Democrat-led Senate, visit jobs.GOP.gov.

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