Speaker Boehner’s State of the Union Guests to Include Ohio Employers Struggling Under ObamaCare | Speaker.gov

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), a former small business owner, announced today that his guests for the State of the Union will include employers in his district who are struggling under the president’s health care law:

Joe Brown, President and CEO of Hartzell Propeller in Piqua, OH.  Joe is the president and CEO of Hartzell Propellers, one of the largest employers in Miami County.  Located in Piqua, OH, Hartzell Propellers is a global leader in advanced propeller design and manufacturing technology, maintaining 75 percent of the world’s market in airplane propellers.  Joe’s business is feeling the negative effects of the president’s health care law, and his company would directly benefit from trade expansion legislation that the Speaker has touted.

Wayne Deschambeau, President of Wayne HealthCare in Greenville, OH.  Mr. Deschambeau is the president of Wayne HealthCare, an award-winning hospital that serves the people of Darke County, which is located in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.  The nearly 100-year-old hospital prides itself on quality medicine and personal care.  Wayne HealthCare is feeling the negative effects of ObamaCare from a hospital and management perspective. 

Laura Doerger-Roberts, President of Vinylmax Windows in Hamilton, OH.   Vinylmax Windows is a family-run business located in Hamilton, OH, where small business owner Laura Doerger-Roberts employs roughly 100 people.  Since 1982, Vinylmax Windows has focused on providing quality products in a timely fashion to its customers.  After receiving an e-mail from Laura, Speaker Boehner learned that her health insurance costs are increasing by roughly 30 percent under the president’s health care law.

David Lippert, President of Hamilton Caster & Manufacturing Company in Hamilton, OH.  Founded in 1907, Hamilton Caster & Manufacturing Company is a family-owned business in Hamilton, OH, that manufactures heavy duty industrial casters, stainless steel casters, pneumatic casters, caster wheels and polyurethane wheels.  As the company’s fifth president, David employs 72 people in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District, but he is unable to grow his business due to the president’s health care law.

“These men and women have one important thing in common: the president’s health care law is making it harder for them to hire,” Speaker Boehner said.  “They represent the countless number of employers across the country who are struggling right now, and having run a small business, I know where they are coming from.  Their presence at the State of the Union is one way to help ensure their stories are told.”

These Ohioans will sit in the House gallery along with the guests Speaker Boehner announced yesterday.  Visit SOTU.gop.gov to sign up for email updates and watch both the State of the Union & the Republican Address to the Nation.