Speaker Boehner on Senate Approval of Short-Term Bill That Cuts Spending to Help Create a Better Environment for Job Growth | Speaker.gov

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) released the following statement today upon Senate approval of the House-passed short-term continuing resolution, which cuts spending to help create a better environment for job growth and gives Senate Democrats two additional weeks to follow the House in passing legislation that funds the government through the end of the fiscal year:

“The American people want us to cut spending while keeping the government running.  Eleven days ago, the House passed H.R. 1, which accomplishes both of those goals.  H.R. 1 makes common-sense spending cuts that economists say are needed to help boost our economy, while keeping the government running for the rest of the fiscal year.  The responsibility lies with the Senate to now follow the House in passing legislation to cut spending and keep the government running through the end of the fiscal year.

“Senate passage today of the House-passed short-term funding bill means the Senate now has two more weeks to accomplish this goal.  Washington Democrats must either bring H.R. 1 to a vote in the Senate, or outline and pass their own plan for cutting spending and keeping the government funded through September.”