Speaker Boehner Statement on the Third Anniversary of ObamaCare | Speaker.gov

WASHINGTON, DC - House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement on ObamaCare’s three-year anniversary:

“When Democrats rammed ObamaCare through Congress three years ago, they did so with a host of promises that are proving more empty by the day.  Instead of keeping the coverage they have, an estimated seven million Americans are at risk of losing their health insurance, including millions of low-income and minority seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage.  Far from ‘bending the cost curve,’ ObamaCare’s projected price tag has nearly doubled.  Health insurance premiums have spiked, and are expected to climb even further when the law takes full effect next year.  The millions of jobs Democrats promised are nowhere to be found, and businesses large and small are already pointing to the impact of ObamaCare as the reason for ‘planned layoffs and a reluctance to hire more staff.’  The law imposes a trillion dollars worth of tax hikes, including a medical device tax that will ship thousands of jobs overseas.  The longer this law stays in place, the more costly it becomes for American families and small businesses who cannot afford another year of broken promises.

“This week, the House passed Republicans’ balanced budget that fully repeals and defunds ObamaCare to protect families, workers and seniors from its devastating consequences.  The House will continue working to scrap the law in its entirety, and will use oversight authority to expose its harmful impacts as they continue to unfold.   After three years, it’s clear the American people were sold a 3,000 page bill of goods with ObamaCare, and we remain committed to fully repealing and replacing it with better solutions that lower health care costs and increase access to quality care.”