WASHINGTON—House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) released the following statement after the U.S. District Court ruled that the Department of the Interior does not have the authority to regulate hydraulic fracturing:

“Hydraulic fracturing is one of the keys that has unlocked our nation’s energy resurgence in oil and natural gas, making the United States the largest energy producer in the world, creating tens of thousands of good-paying jobs, and lowering energy prices for consumers. Yet the Obama administration has sought to regulate it out of existence. This is not only harmful for the economy and consumers, it’s unlawful—as the court has just ruled. I’ll say it again: Only Congress can write laws. Agencies acting without authority from Congress is simply illegal. I applaud this court ruling, which upholds the Constitution and protects the energy revolution from the heavy hand of big government.” 

Note: Rep. Flores’s legislation, Protecting States' Rights to Promote American Energy Security Act, blocks Interior from regulating hydraulic fracturing and upholds states’ right to do so.This legislation is included in House Republicans’ Better Way agenda.