Statement on President Obama's Latest Attack on the Energy Industry |

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) released the following statement on the Obama administration’s methane emissions proposal on federal lands:

"Last week, it was an attack on coal on federal lands. This week, it’s an attack on oil and natural gas on federal land. The Department of the Interior’s latest regulation paves the way for raising royalty rates on federal lands, which are already expensive to develop due to cumbersome federal bureaucracy. This president has shown a real hostility toward creating much-needed energy infrastructure, yet his administration is forcing new regulations to capture methane emissions in regions where there is no infrastructure to do so.

"This will stymie oil and natural gas development on federal lands, which is the president’s real goal: to keep it in the ground. As the markets drop, and America’s saving and retirement portfolios suffer, it’s astonishing that this president would seek to further cripple America’s energy industry. The American people’s welfare should not have to compete with the president’s desire to cement his climate legacy. We will continue to fight back against these harmful, regulatory attacks."