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With only 25% of Democrats’ infrastructure proposal dedicated to traditional infrastructure, their plan simply isn’t about building back our nation’s roads and bridges – it’s just another $2 trillion in spending on a wish-list of progressive policies.

That’s why House Republicans have proposed a plan to focus on the most critical infrastructure concerns we are facing today. Our plan includes major investments in roads, bridges and transit, water infrastructure, and broadband – in total, an investment of $460 billion.

But more importantly, we’ve paired this investment with robust regulatory reform. For example, delays from the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process alone are estimated to cost our economy $3.7 trillion. Reforming this 50 year old law is long over due, and we must make sure critical infrastructure projects can be built today, rather than spending years waiting on a permit.

House Republicans across several committees spent the week highlighting their proposals to show the American people what real solutions for real infrastructure looks like. Click below to read and hear from the members themselves on how our infrastructure needs should and could be met today.

Regulatory Reform

Water Infrastructure

Surface Transportation



House Republican Infrastructure Framework:

  • Regulatory Reform – BUILDER Act (NEPA Reform) and the One Federal Decision Act
  • Water Infrastructure – Wastewater Infrastructure Improvement Act, Drinking Water Funding for the Future Act, RENEW WIIN Act (total, $30 billion)
  • Surface Transportation – STARTER 2.0 Act (roads, bridges, transit) ($400 billion)
  • Broadband – American Broadband Act, Broadband for Rural America Act, E-Bridge Act, and the Broadband Permitting Modernization Act (total, $30 billion)
  • Total Funding Authorized: $460 billion