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Remote learning has set students back academically and socially. Students are unprepared, and reading and math scores are down for students of all ages. Now, instead of working with parents to fix this crisis, Democrats in Congress are working to completely box parents out of their kids’ education.

Democrats want to mandate what kids have to be taught and are labeling parents who stand up for themselves and their children as domestic terrorists.

Based on the results of last night’s elections, clearly parents and voters disagree with the Democrats’ tactics. Parents voted in support of their kids and elected candidates who prioritized the educational needs of students over the desires of an unhinged, online mob.

Republicans believe that parents should be an important part of the decision-making process and stand with them in opposition to Congressional Democrats’ one-size-fits-all approach.

Today, in solidarity with America’s parents and students, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) hosted his seventh roundtable on the Democrats’ reconciliation bill, which detailed how Democrats want to nationalize America’s educational system and push their agenda down the throats of communities across the country.

Joining Leader McCarthy were House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (NY-21), Ranking Member on Education and Labor Virginia Foxx (NC-05), Representative Julia Letlow (LA-05), and Representative Burgess Owens (UT-04). Guests included Nicole Neily, the President & Founder of Parents Defending Education; Brandon Michon, a Loudoun County parent; and Ginny Gentles, an advocate for school choice.

The members and guests held a productive discussion on the changes our country’s schools actually need, such as ensuring that parents have a voice in the systems that impact their kids the most, developing critical thinking skills, and learning about different trades.

While Democrats and their special interest allies continue to push parents out of the conversation on what should be taught in our schools, Leader McCarthy announced that he and his House colleagues are unveiling new legislation, a Parents Bill of Rights. This would establish a framework that puts parents and kids at the center of our education system.

Today’s conversation proves that better leadership is desperately needed in our communities.

Leader McCarthy: We’re going to be crafting a Parents Bill of Rights, so parents do have a say in what goes on. It’s fundamental. I’ve watched it through my whole life in the difference it makes. Education is the great equalizer.”

Chairwoman Stefanik: “The Democrats’ reconciliation bill, their far-left socialist tax-and-spending spree, doubles down with a drastic expansion of federal control of education.”

Ranking Member Foxx: “This spending bill gives the government federal control of education. Less parental choice, more power to the unions.”

Rep. Owens: “The most insidious thing we can do is to start lowering expectations for anybody, any kid, based on race… ‘equity’ is always in their mind lowering expectations and bringing everyone down to that lower expectation.”

Rep. Letlow: “Parents should be able to choose a curriculum for their child that fits with their values and their beliefs.”

Brandon Michon, Loudoun County parent: “If we’re not willing to raise the bar on our education and our standards, then there are countries that will surpass us very quickly.”

Nicole Neily, President & Founder of Parents Defending Education: “Parents around the country are absolutely furious about the state of our education system, and with good reason.”

Ginny Gentles, advocate for school choice: “Many parents are frustrated with their K-12 public schools… we experienced over a year of closed schools, disastrous remote learning, misspent emergency federal money, refusal to meet the needs of children with disabilities, lowered academic standards, and classrooms focused on woke agendas rather than addressing learning loss and essential academic instruction — we’re fed up.”


Brandon’s nine year old son, Duke, took the seat at the head of the table to take part in the discussion. Leader McCarthy notes: “I think parents and children should both be at the table.”

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