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Washington, D.C. – Today, Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, in partnership with the Chief Administrative Officer, co-hosted the Fifth Congressional Hackathon.

The event brought together a bipartisan group of Members of Congress, Congressional staff, open government advocates, civic hackers, and software developers to explore the role of technology in making Congress more transparent, efficient, and accountable. In his opening remarks, Speaker McCarthy encouraged participants to think outside the box about how cutting-edge technology, particularly artificial intelligence, can improve the People’s House.

“I’m a constant optimist. I want to understand the opportunity of what we can do,” said Speaker McCarthy. “Just like how AI grows faster, I want the solutions to grow faster. There’s no wrong idea, and there’s no wrong question. Most of the time, the crazy ones turn out to be the best. I want you to be the disruptor.”