House and Senate leaders, along with Presidents Clinton and Obama, celebrated the life of former House Speaker Thomas S. Foley (D-WA) Tuesday at a ceremony held in Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol.  Rep. Foley was elected to the House in 1964 from Washington’s Fifth Congressional District.  Over the course of 15 terms and countless accomplishments, he rose to become chairman of the Agriculture Committee, Majority Whip, Majority Leader and on June 6, 1989, the 57th Speaker of the House. 

“It was his sense of fairness – his port-in-a-storm bearing – that will always stand out for me,” said Speaker John Boehner at the ceremony. “It’s how he held this institution together at a difficult time. And it’s why those who come after us, who seek to know what it means when we use that phrase ‘man of the House’ – or just what it means to leave something behind – should look up Thomas S. Foley.”

Below is a Flickr gallery with more photos from Tuesday’s ceremony:

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