In a floor speech today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) called for House passage of Republicans’ “Path to Prosperity” budget, a pro-growth blueprint that stands in stark contrast to the Democratic-controlled Senate’s continued failure to pass a budget:

“Let me say thanks to Chairman Ryan and members of the Budget Committee for a job well done.  This is a tough process, making real decisions about our path to the future.  The interesting thing I’ve found about this debate that’s gone on the last two days is that our team actually went and made the tough choices to preserve freedom in America and to deal with our fiscal nightmare.  … I think that the Path to Prosperity that Chairman Ryan and his committee have put together is a blueprint for America’s future.

“We all know that we’ve got some $16 trillion worth of debt already, $1.3 trillion in a budget deficit this year alone.  The American people know that they’ve got to live within their means.  They've got to do a budget.  They also know that you can’t continue to spend money that you don’t have.

“So I applaud my colleagues for the tough decisions they’ve made, to try to do the right thing for the country, to lay out a real vision of what we were to do if we had more control here in this town. … The saddest thing I’ve seen though when it comes to a budget is that while we did a budget last year, we’re doing another budget this year, we‘re making tough decisions to help preserve Social Security and preserve Medicare.  The United States Senate – it’s been 1,065 days since they passed a budget, 1,065 days, almost three years since they’ve had the courage to show the American people what their solutions are.  I think it's high time that if we're serious about solving America's fiscal problems, the first step is actually doing a budget.

“On behalf of my Republican colleagues, I would suggest, let’s support the Ryan budget.  It’s a real pathway to prosperity, it makes the tough decisions, and puts us on a course that’s sustainable not just for our generation, but for our kids and our grandkids.”