WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today delivered a speech on the House floor before two key votes on the president’s nuclear deal with Iran.  In his remarks, Speaker Boehner highlighted the promises the president and his negotiators broke to secure a final agreement with the Iranian regime, and made clear the House’s work to stop a deal that makes America less safe is just beginning. 

Here’s the transcript:

“My colleagues, later today we will cast two votes.  These votes will be among the most consequential we’ll ever cast.

“Our founding fathers charged both the President and the Congress with providing for the common defense with good reason.  It’s the core responsibility of our federal government.  It’s the key to our freedom, and all our opportunities.       

“And that’s why it’s at the front of the oath every member takes:  “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

“So as we consider this nuclear agreement with Iran, it is our duty to determine whether it will keep America safe. 

“Sadly, this deal is far worse than anything I could have imagined.  Why?  Because the president and his negotiators broke every one of their promises.

“Does this deal dismantle Iran’s nuclear program, or shut off their path to a nuclear weapon, as they promised it would?

“No.  Instead, it allows Iran to keep thousands of nuclear centrifuges spinning as they are today.  And within 10 years – in the best case – it allows Iran to achieve threshold nuclear status. 

“Was this agreement built on verification?

“No.  It appears a side deal will trust Iran to self-inspect a key site where the regime conducted tests on nuclear detonators.  Of course we haven’t seen that actual side deal, and we don’t know if there are any other secret components. 

“Does it allow inspectors to have “anywhere, anytime 24/7 access,” as they promised it would?  No.  Inspectors will have to wait up to 24 days for access to suspicious sites.

“Will sanctions snap back?  No.  The administration admits that “nothing at the UN happens in a snap.”

“Does it shut down Iran’s ballistic missile program, as they promised it would?

“No.  Actually the agreement actually lifts arms and missile embargoes in five and eight years respectively.  And it allows Iran to build ICBM’s capable of delivering a nuclear warhead right here to the United States. 

“Does it affect Iran’s status as the world’s leading sponsor of terror? 

“Yes, it actually does.  It hands Iran billions to support more of their terrorist activities around that part of the world.  And it gives amnesty to the “shadow commander” responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American troops in Iraq.  

“And this is all without Iran cheating.  That’s right.  This is such a bad deal the ayatollah won’t even have to cheat to be just steps away from a nuclear weapon.

“So today we are going to cast two votes.  These votes are aimed at stopping President Obama from unilaterally lifting sanctions on Iran, and ensuring accountability. 

“My colleagues, in pursuing this deal with Iran, President Obama refused to listen.  He ignored the concerns of the American people, national security experts, and a bipartisan majority here in the Congress.  And now, he is preparing to try and force this deal over our objections.

“Never in our history has something with so many consequences for our national security been rammed through with such little support. 

“Today is September 11th.  It is a day for all Americans to come together, and for us to keep the oath we swore to our Constitution.  So our fight to stop this bad deal is frankly just beginning.  We will not let the American people down.”