WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today made the following remarks on the House floor:

“Over the last 10 days we have been through quite a bit – sent four bills to the United States Senate to keep our government open and to protect the American people from the harmful effects of ObamaCare.  Each of these requests was denied by the United States Senate.  After the fourth effort, we asked to go to conference and sit down and resolve our differences to keep the government open and to provide fairness to the American people under ObamaCare.  The Senate Democrats once again said ‘no.’ 

“The president had us all down to the White House last week, only to remind me that he was not going to negotiate over keeping the government open or over the looming need to increase the debt limit.  The president’s refusal to negotiate is hurting our economy and putting our country at risk.  This morning, a senior White House official said that the president would rather default than to sit down and negotiate.  Really?  The president – I’m going to say this again – a senior White House staffer this morning said that the president would rather default on our debt than to sit down and negotiate. 

“Now, the American people expect when their leaders have differences, and we’re in a time of crisis, we’ll sit down and at least have a conversation.  Really, Mr. President, it’s time to have that conversation before our economy is put further at risk.”