WASHINGTON, DC – In a speech on the House floor today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) took on Senate Democrats for blocking dozens of jobs bills the House has passed this year as part of Republicans’ Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs:

“The American people work hard, and they have a right to expect their elected representatives to do the same.  House Republicans are listening.  To date, the House has passed nearly 150 bills this Congress that the United States Senate has failed to act on. 

“Many of them would help our economy and boost job creation.  Nearly 150 bills passed by this House yet to be acted on by the Senate.  These bills would do things like: 

  • Increase the supply of American energy & build the Keystone pipeline;
  • Roll back red tape & unnecessary regulations;
  • Provide more flexibility to working families;
  • Reform & improve job training programs;
  • Protect Americans from cyber attacks;
  • Help schools to recruit & keep the best teachers; 
  • Delay the individual mandate, allow the American people to keep the health care plans they like; 
  • Or to scrap the health care law that's wreaking havoc on our economy. 

“Every single one of these bills has been blocked by Washington Democrats.  The Senate and the president continue to stand in the way of the people’s priorities.

“Now we're trying to come to an agreement on the budget and the farm bill, amongst other issues that are in conference.  Chairman Ryan and Chairman Lucas have made serious, good-faith efforts to Senate Democrats. 

“When will they learn to say ‘yes’ to common ground?  When will they start listening to the American people?”

NOTE: Additional details on the proposals Speaker Boehner cited are available on Speaker.gov