American Economists Say the Sequester Should Be Replaced with Other Spending Cuts

At a time when American families are being forced to do more with less, the government in Washington continues to spend money we don’t have.  The result: a booming budget deficit that economists say is hurting families and hurting our economy.

Unfortunately, President Obama disagrees.  Instead of cutting government waste and replacing the sequester he proposed in 2011 entirely with better spending cuts, President Obama wants to use the sequester as a bargaining chip to raise yet taxes again on the American people to pay for even more government spending.

We can’t spend our way to prosperity.  Spending is the problem. That’s why 180 American economists signed a statement that reads, “The large structural deficit due to excessive government spending is hurting the economy. If replaced, the sequester should be replaced with more responsible spending cuts, equal in total to the 2011 agreement, to help put the country on a path to a balanced budget within ten years.”

The American people should not be asked to pay more in taxes at a time when the government is wasting millions on luxury conferences for bureaucrats, the construction of a TV studio for the IRS, and hiring PR firms to promote ObamaCare.

Here’s the full list of economists. Tell us if you agree with them by signing your name above.

William P. Albrecht
University of Iowa


Donald L. Alexander
Western Michigan University


J. J. Arias
Georgia College & State University


Richard K. Armey
U. S. House of Representatives, Retired


Charles W. Baird
California State University,
East Bay


King Banaian
St. Cloud State University


Christopher C. Barnekov
Federal Communications Commission (ret.)


Stacie Beck
University of Delaware


Richard E. Bernstein
Temple University


Sanjai Bhagat
University of Colorado


Michael Bond
University of Arizona


Donald R. Booth
Chapman University


Michael Boskin
Hoover Institution


Eleftherios N. Botsas
Oakland University


Edward C. Boyer
Temple University


David Brat
Randolph Macon College


Lawrence Brunner
Central Michigan University


Phillip J. Bryson
Brigham Young University


Andrew Busch
The Busch Update


James L. Butkiewicz
University of Delaware


William N. Butos
Trinity College


James C.W. Ahiakpor
California State University,
East Bay

James Carter
Former Treasury Official


Richard J. Cebula
Jacksonville University


Don Chance
Louisiana State University


Kenneth W. Clarkson
University of Miami


Warren Coats
International Monetary Fund (ret.)


John F. Cogan
Hoover Institution


Lloyd Cohen
George Mason University


Boyd D. Collier
The A&M University System


Peter F. Colwell
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Michael Connolly
University of Miami


Mike Cosgrove
University of Dallas


Eleanor D. Craig
University of Delaware


Clyde Wayne Crews Jr.
Competitive Enterprise Institute


Robert L. Crouch
UC Santa Barbara


Mario J. Crucini
Vanderbilt University


Ward S. Curran
Trinity College


Albert L.  Danielsen
University of Georgia


J. Ronnie Davis
University of New Orleans


Ronnie H. Davis
Printing Industries of America


Clarence R. Deitsch
Ball State University


Joseph S. DeSalvo
University of South Florida-Tampa


William G. Dewald
Ohio State University


Phoebus Dhrymes
Columbia University


Jeffrey H. Dorfman
University of Georgia


Floyd H. Duncan
Virginia Military Institute


Gerald P. Dwyer
Clemson University


John Eckalbar
California State University, Chico


Alain C. Enthoven
Stanford University


Paul Evans
Ohio State University


Frank Falero
California State University


Fred Foldvary
San Jose State University


William F. Ford
Middle Tennessee State University


Douglas Frechtling
George Washington University


Diana Furchtgott-Roth
Manhattan Institute


Gregory M. Gelles
Missouri University of Science and Technology


Joseph A. Giacalone
St. John's University


Otis W. Gilley
Louisiana Tech University


Micha Gisser
University of New Mexico


Barry K. Goodwin
North Carolina State University


Eric S. Graberand
University of Maryland University College


Kenneth V. Greene
Binghamton University


John Greenhut
Texas A&M University


Earl L. Grinols
Baylor University


Tim Groseclose


Dennis Halcoussis
California State University, Northridge


Eric Hanushek
Hoover Institution, Stanford University


Stephen Happel
Arizona State University


Rich Hart
Miami University


Joseph Haslag
University of Missouri


John A. Haslem
University of Maryland


Kevin Hassett
American Enterprise Institute


Scott Hein
Texas Tech University


Robert Heller
Former Governor, Federal Reserve Board


David R. Henderson
Hoover Institution


John P. Hoehn
Michigan State University


Stuart Hoffman
PNC Financial Services Group


Arlene  Holen
Technology Policy Institute


Douglas Holtz-Eakin
America Action Forum


C. Thomas Howard
University of Denver


Forrest E. Huffman
Temple University


James L. Huffman
Lewis & Clark Law School


L. Dwight Israelsen
Utah State University


Joseph M. Jadlow
Oklahoma State University


William Jennings
California State University, Northridge


Gerald R. Jensen
Northern Illinois University


D. Bruce Johnsen
Georg Mason University School of Law


Dennis A. Johnson
University of South Dakota


Richard E. Just
University of Maryland


Joe Kennedy
Kennedy Research, LLC


Richard La Near
Missouri Southern State University


Arthur Laffer
Laffer Associates


W. J. Lane
University of New Orleans


Nicholas A. Lash
Loyola University Chicago


Tom Lehman
Indiana Wesleyan University


Stan Liebowitz
University of Texas--Dallas


Jane Lillydahl
University of Colorado at Boulder


James R. Lothian
Fordham University


R. Ashley Lyman
University of Idaho


Yuri N. Maltsev
Carthage College


Henry G. Manne
George Mason University School of Law


Richard D. Marcus
University of Wisconsin


Michael L. Marlow
Cal Poly -San Luis Obispo


Noralyn Marshall
Risk Management Advisors


Timothy Mathews
Kennesaw State University


W. Douglas McMillin
Louisiana State University


Roger E. Meiners
University of Texas at Arlington

Todd Milburn
Washington University

John Merrifield
University of Texas at San Antonio

Michelle Michot Foss
University of Texas


Daniel Miller
Northern Virginia


Thomas Miller
American Enterprise Institute


James C. Miller III
Former Director, OMB


Jeffrey Miron
Harvard University


Ronald L. Moomaw
Oklahoma State University

George R. Neumann
University of Iowa


Robert D. Niehaus
Robert D. Niehaus, Inc.


Seth Norton
Wheaton College


James B. O’Neill
University of Delaware


Daniel P. O'Brien
McLean, VA


Walton Padelford
Union University


Richard A. Palfin
Economic Analysis


Randall E. Parker
East Carolina University


George G. Pennacchi
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Mark J. Perry
University of Michigan-Flint


Tomas J. Philipson
University of Chicago


G. Michael Phillips
California State University, Northridge


Ivan Pongracic, Jr.
Hillsdale College


Rulon Pope
Brigham Young University


Barry W. Poulson
University of Colorado at Boulder


Edward C. Prescott
Arizona State University


R. L. Promboin
University of Maryland University College


Richard W. Rahn
Cato Institute


David Ransen
H.C. Wainwright & Co. Economics Inc


Christine Ries
Georgia Institute of Technology


Philip J. Romero
University of Oregon


David C. Rose
University of Missouri-St. Louis


Larry L. Ross
University of Alaska Anchorage


Charles K. Rowley
George Mason University


Paul Rubin
Emory University


John Ruggiero
University of Dayton


John Rutledge
Claremont Graduate University


Gary J. Santoni
Ball State University


Thomas Saving
Texas A&M University


John Seater
North California State University


Robert D. Seeley
Wilkes University


James Shaw
University of San Francisco


George P. Shultz
Hoover Institution


Evangelos Otto Simos
University of New Hampshire


James F. Smith
EconForecaster, LLC


Richard Smith
University of California Riverside


Douglas Southgate
Ohio State University


Lawrence Southwick
University at Buffalo


Derek Stimel
Menlo College


Courtenay C. Stone
Ball State University


Brian Strow
Western Kentucky University


Gerry L. Suchanek
University of Iowa


Scott Sumner
Bentley University


Richard J. Sweeney
Georgetown University


Moshe Syrquin
University of Miami


Jason E. Taylor
Central Michigan University


John B. Taylor
Stanford University


Lester D. Taylor
University of Arizona


Clifford F. Thies
Shenandoah University


Henry Thompson
Auburn University


William H. Thralls
Johnson & Wales University


Walter Thurman
North Carolina State University


Richard H. Timberlake
University of Georgia


David G. Tuerck
Suffolk University

Richard Vedder
Ohio University


John Volpe
Catholic University of America


Robert Waples
Wake Forest University


Steven N. Wiggins
Professor of Economics


Wayne Winegarden
Pacific Research Institute


Gary Wolfram
Hillsdale College


Bill Yang
Georgia Southern University


Mokhlis Zaki
Northern Michigan University


Joseph Zoric
Franciscan University


Benjamin  Zycher
American Enterprise Institute





* Institutional affiliations are provided for identification purposes only.