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McCarthy Denounces President Biden’s Border Crisis, Announces Trip to Border

Leader McCarthy announced he is headed to the border to come back with solutions to end Biden’s Border Crisis

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“a growing sense of emergency for the Biden administration”

Just a week ago, the President & DHS Secretary said there isn’t one.

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Biden Turns a Blind Eye to the Border

It seems President Biden is in no rush to address the crisis at our southern border — a crisis he insists does not exist.

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Biden’s Border Crisis in Focus

On Friday, Leader McCarthy sent a letter requesting to meet with President Biden in order to acknowledge the rapidly escalating crisis at our southern border, develop a plan, and address the…

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Unaccompanied kids being held by Border Patrol for 77 hours on average, internal documents show

“Migrant children crossing the US-Mexico border alone are staying in Border Patrol custody for longer than three days on average, overwhelming capacity at border facilities and indicating a…